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oracle live event

oracle live event

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                                            Awaken the Oracle Within


 Enliven Earth’s Guiding Essence: Grounding Your Vision

·       Are you ready to set the stage for unparalleled success? In this class you'll set powerful intentions for personal growth, your business, and your transformations.

·       Ever wanted to tap into more grounded, incredible intuition? Activate your Inner Oracle and access heightened physical, feeling, vibrational, energetic, and spiritual intuition. It's time to guide your life, business, and clients with a newfound grace and ease.

·       Unlock the Secrets of Earth: Embrace the physical realm and its 18 core principles of creation. Let the profound teachings of Earth guide your entrepreneurial journey.

·       Intuition Entrenched in Earth's Wisdom: Elevate your understanding of the physical world as you expand your intuition, growing in Earth's profound teachings.

·       Building a Business with Earth's Guidance: Use Earth's wisdom as a compass, gaining rooted insights to level-up your life and business. Witness your endeavors flourish as you align with Earth's enduring and nurturing essence.


Diving into the Depths of Water: Nourishing Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Embrace the Emotion of Water: Step into Water's emotional realm and grasp her 18 core principles of creation. Let the fluid teachings of Water refresh your personal and professional life.
  • Intuition Flowing with Water's Wisdom: Enhance your emotional intuition, deeply enriched by Water's transformative teachings. Experience the liberating flow of clarity and self-understanding.
  • Navigate Life with Water's Loving Insights: Harness Water's wisdom to nourish your emotional journey. Guided by her loving insights, cultivate a life and business that thrives on empathy, connection, and emotional intelligence.


Soar & Ascend with Air: Inspiring Your Visionary Freedom

  • Engage the Breathtaking Scope of Air: Enter Air's mental realm and master his 18 core principles of creation. Let Air's enlightening teachings fill your mind, inspiring fresh perspectives for personal growth and entrepreneurial success.
  • Intuition Riding the Currents of Air's Wisdom: Take your intuition to new heights, consciously tuned to the vibrational teachings of Air. Experience the liberation of thought as you soar towards a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.
  • Guided by Air's Visionary Insights: Harness Air's wisdom to direct your visionary freedom, leveraging focused insights to cultivate a future of limitless possibilities. Let the refreshing breeze of Air's knowledge guide you on your journey towards success and fulfillment.








 Accelerate Radiance with Fire’s Guiding Light: Harness Your Luminary Leadership

  • Enter Fire’s Radiant Realm: Delve into Fire's realm of action, absorbing his 18 core principles of creation. Let Fire's compelling teachings fuel your personal transformation and entrepreneurial aspirations.
  • Guide to Ignite Energetic Intuition, Fueled by Fire's Teachings: Ignite your energetic intuition, supercharged by the dynamic wisdom of Fire. Blaze a trail of insight as you learn to align your energy with your highest intentions.
  • Lead with the Dynamic Wisdom of Fire: Harness Fire's radiant wisdom to transform your leadership skills. Driven by dynamic insights, light up your path to success, inspiring others as you illuminate the way. Become the luminary you were destined to be, guided by the unwavering light of Fire.


Embody Soulful Serenity: Express Divine Grace & Trust with Spirit

  • Explore the Unseen Essence of Spirit: Venture into Spirit's soulful realm, unraveling her 18 core principles of creation. Allow Spirit's enlightening teachings to elevate your soulful awareness, enabling you to live a life imbued with divine grace.
  • Foster Soulful Intuition, Nourished by Spirit's Wisdom: Enhance your intuitive soul knowledge with the enlightening teachings of Spirit. Expand your inner landscape, allowing the divine insights to guide your soul's journey.
  • Empower Your Life Purpose with the Insights of Spirit: Absorb creation insights that will fuel your soul's purpose, powered by Spirit's infinite wisdom. Let Spirit guide you to your highest potential, as you confidently manifest your heart's deepest desires.


Harness the Magic of Manifestation: Mastering the Elemental Unified Field

  • Discover the Power of Elemental Harmony: Delve into the crucial role of aligning the elemental unified field for spectacular manifestation results. Unearth the transformative potential of balancing Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit within and around you.
  • Unlock the Simplicity of Elemental Guidance: Learn how to access concise, one-sentence guidance from the Elemental Unified Field. Cut through the noise and connect directly with the core wisdom of the elements.
  • Master the Art of Elemental Readings: Equip yourself with various reading structures to provide strategic guidance for your clients. Hone your abilities to offer insightful readings that can catalyze profound transformation in your clients' lives and businesses.



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