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Creation team beginners starter package

Creation team beginners starter package

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1. 25 minute chakra balancing

2.  50 minute creation team and elemental oracle readings-                                           this level helps you to understand and connect to your inner creation team. This is based on shamanic astrology with your astrology chart where the planets were aligned the moment you were born. Out of the 12 archetypes we use 8 of them to make up your unique creation team. Your creation team helps: 1. understand life purpose 2. manifest and create anything in life 3.activate your unique property power 4. align with your passion 5. develop better relationships 6. more effectively grow your business 7. increase your innate intuition

3. 50 minute manifestation soul guide, helps:                                                                       1. clear the inner blocks to manifestation and powerfully direct the forces of creation to bring forth their greatest gifts 2. both are necessary in the process of manifestation and creation to produce results for yourself. This will help you have a deeper soul awareness and resonance. 


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